- Since 2008 -

The last move you'll ever make.

Who we are

Realtors that are proficient negotiators, highly driven, and share a passion for world class customer service.

What we are

A brand of badass Realtors. An independent brokerage that has ties only to our associates and our clients.

Where we are

We have offices and agents throughout Alabama, Florida and North Carolina.

Why we are

Tired of the status quo? We are raising the bar in an overpopulated industry of novices.

Big Box Brokers said, "It can't be done".


Blake Real Estate has created the impossible. Finally, a truly agent-centric company that lets you keep 100% of your commissions, provides Ivy League real estate education, cutting edge tech programs, and full time Broker support.


Take a look, first hand, of what Realtors have come to love about being part of Blake Real Estate, the company where everyone knows your name.

Built for Team Leaders

Blake is the next step and last stop for team leaders. The next logical step for you to take after building a team, is starting a brokerage - Blake's technology programs provide team leaders with an opportunity to run their own brokerage - without the franchise fees!

Team Office

Open your own office space.


Create your own office website and create individual sites for your team members.


You set the commission plans for your team members. You're in control.

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